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plumbing servicesA plumber is a person who deals with the installation and maintenance of various systems used for drinking, sewage, drainage and more such purposes professionally. This is one of the ancient trades or business developed a long ago to fulfill various needs of human beings and modified greatly with time and with the modernization in the field of technology and engineering. So, it is quite obvious that the trade of plumbing is a basic and essential part of every developed and developing country.

Below some services associated with plumbing services are listed –

  • Potable cold and hot tap water supply for drinking purposes.
  • Drainage venting of waste and contaminated water.
  • Sewage and septic systems with water treatment system for recovery of water.
  • Rainwater, surface water and waste water drainage.
  • Piping systems for various gases and water lines.
  • Utilizing water to transport thermal energy by heating and cooling it.

Below various materials and components used for plumbing purposes are described below –

Materials –

  • Galvanized steel made pipes are used sometimes to supply and distribute potable for household uses though they are rarely used nowadays for newer construction of residential potable water supply system. Because it is quite expensive and with rising height of residential buildings, they are becoming difficult to work with such high weight materials.
  • Copper pipe and tube was used highly in the last half of the previous century.
  • Nowadays, with the recent developments in polymer industry plastics pipes are now being used widely for household potable water supply and drainage system. Mainly polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is being used widely. Along with PVC, various newer polymer materials are now being incorporated into the piping systems.

Components –

  • Along with the previously discussed pipes various other components like valves, tees, elbows and unions are used to fulfill various purposes of water supply.
  • Another class of components is plumbing fixtures. These are basically exchangeable devices which are operated using water connected to a residential or commercial building’s plumbing system. These are basically urinals, showers, bathtubs, sinks etc.

So, from the above discussion it is quite obvious that modern day plumbing systems are associated with higher level of engineering. A plumber needs to be well trained and well experienced to serve you with a pleasant service. In Melbourne, one of the best and top notch plumbing services is provided by Andrew’s Plumbing Services. With vast experience in the field of plumbing services for over a decade, and with an expert and experienced team of dedicated professional plumbers, they provide you with a great many services to deal with all your needs.

Some of their plumbing services are listed below –

  • Installation of storm water, rain water tank and maintenance.
  • Installation of various gas appliances and their maintenance with renovation of your existing kitchen facility.
  • Installation of pipes and systems.
  • Removal of blocked drains.

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