Keep your homes clean with a cleaning service

cleaning serviceFrom school children to ministers, all are humming about how pollution is affecting our lives. We are being taught through school projects, awareness campaigns, media, etc., as how to keep our surroundings clean. The primary focus is of course our homes.

Cleanliness is Godliness. Well, the saying has stood the test of time. Once your house is spic and span, you just feel heavenly. It becomes a lot easier to entertain guests, arrange activities for the kids, think of preparing surprises for the family, concentrate and focus on work and even relax!

It is certainly a big necessity to clean homes regularly because of health related issues. Bacteria, dust mites, various allergens and other polluting agents settle with us unknowingly. Disease like asthma, scabies, dysentery, allergy attacks and many others are dominantly due to lack of hygiene and cleanliness of the surroundings.

You must keep your homes clean is easier said than done. Although almost the whole world agrees to the concept of cleaning homes regularly, there are no takers. Most of the people pass the buck with a blink when given the responsibility to do the chores. Women often had to shoulder the major work, but those days are almost gone.

Like an answer to a prayer, BC Cleaning Specialist is there to make your life easy as a Cleaner diamond creek. They have been in the business for about twenty five years. Number of repeat customers and references indicate that they are doing a good job.

Quite a few avenues regarding cleaning are handled by them. The major ones are:

  • Domestic cleaning – Customized and tailor made services are provided by skilled workers who are police checked and insured. Kitchens, ovens, bathrooms, ceiling fans, ducts, carpets, upholstery, blinds, air conditioners, etc., are all taken care of.
  • High Pressure cleaning – This procedure is used to remove dust, cobwebs, moulds, etc. Pest controlling is done in a small way using citronella, to prevent mosquito breeding in gutters and removal of bugs. Roofs, driveways, brick homes, gutters are all managed with this type of cleaning.
  • Window cleaning – Dust, moulds, bird droppings and all marks are removed from the window panes. The workers specialize in cleaning colonial windows, sliding windows, bi-fold windows, awning windows, louver windows, eaves window frame and tracks, double glazed, etc.
  • Garden maintenance
  • Commercial/Industrial cleaning
  • Builders cleans
  • Spring cleaning – It is a part of annual cleaning in most winter prone countries. It often includes cleaning of closets, crockery, cleaning walls, carpet cleaning, laundry, organizing book shelves and kitchen countertops, stain removal, etc.
  • Rubbish removal
  • Exit/Entry cleans
  • Deceased estates

The BC Cleaning Specialist is a trusted name run by Brett McGrath, who is experienced in both domestic and commercial arenas. The company has been a trusted name amongst its clients for more than two decades and has won awards for their services for three consecutive years. A great relief factor besides quality service has been their reasonable rates. Even pensioners won’t feel the pinch.

Availing such services is of utmost necessity as there can be no compromise in keeping your homes clean.

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