Don’t let your Stainless Steel Trash Can Stink

stainless steel trashIf you are having issues with keeping your stainless steel trash can odor free, the tips below may be able to help you.  The good news is that most odors can be taken care of quickly by utilizing these suggestions:

Change your bag often.  Many people leave food and liquids in a trash bag for weeks on end.  This is a mistake.  It only takes a couple of days for food to start smelling badly.  At the very least, you should aim to change the bag at least twice a week.  It could be more depending upon how much garbage you use on a weekly basis.  If you have a problem with changing out the bags, then follow the next suggestion.

Don’t put food in the stainless steel trash can.  It is always wise to keep a separate container as food tends to spoil very quickly.  Within a few hours, the smell can start.  If you have a garbage disposal, then put food down it instead.

Use A Stainless Steel Trash Can with a removable plastic insert.  Most stainless steel trash cans are built in with this already.  At least once a month take a cleaning brush and scrub the inside with a little soap.  You can rinse with a garden hose afterwards.  It is best to clean at least twice a month.  If it is too cold outside, then you can use the bathtub to clean it.

Do not let liquids sit in the bottom of your container.  Make sure to clean out any liquids immediately.  You can do this with a paper towel.

Use high quality trash bags.  Many people ignore this and use the cheapest trash cans they can find.  Cheap trash cans can tear easily and fluids can seep through.  Many times they go unnoticed until you smell the fluids or food afterwards.

Other Tips:  You can sprinkle a little baking soda or disinfectant to keep down the odors in the trash bin.

Having a stainless steel trash can be a great accessory in any room.  The modern design of a stainless steel trash can go with just about any décor and is more durable than a plastic trash can.  Utilize these tips above to make sure your trash can does not smell.

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