Better be safe than sorry!

Gas Safe EngineerYou may be in need of a boiler, in case you want to install a brand new heating system, or just replace an old one that is not working. Installing a boiler yourself can be quite intimidating and a humungous task, especially as it involves a number of tubes, pipes and valves. It is also a dangerous affair, if not installed properly. Badly fitted gas appliances can cause fires, gas leaks, explosions and carbon monoxide poisonings. Thus, save yourself the hassle and do yourself a favour by calling in a gas safe engineer to do the work for you.

There are numerous companies these days that have their own team of accredited engineers, trained especially in this field of work. You can them and set a meeting with any one of their advisors. This will be followed by a meeting with them, as per your desire and schedule, and the person will then assess the situation. He will decide the type of boiler needed for your house, or flat; if you need more radiators (in case you desire a combination-boiler), and how much material to order.

What kind of boiler to choose?

If you are wondering as to what central heating system you should choose, proper research should be done. Choose one that has a capacity to suit your house or flat. There are different sized boilers and each have separate specifications. You should also keep in mind that various models have different prices and longer or shorter warranties. If you are on a budget, you could choose a simple model that will save you on costs, but you definitely need one that will be able to heat up your entire living space.

How to find a gas specialist?

Finding a gas specialist, especially if you are based in London is not difficult. You can either look up The Yellow Pages, or take a look at various websites who offer their services. Once you find a reliable tradesman, make sure that the engineer is Gas Safe registered. By law, a gas engineer should be on the Gas Safe Register in order to carry out gas related work in the United Kingdom, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. This ensures that they are qualified and competent enough to work with gas. To make sure, you can check the back of their Gas Safe Register ID card.

Benefits of calling in a Gas Safe Engineer:

  • The engineer will take care of the installation, including the set up and welding of pipes which connect the radiators to the combination boiler.
  •  Since the gas boilers need an outside vent, there will be a good amount of drilling. There are special machines designed especially to drill reinforced concrete. Make sure that the engineer does not use a sledgehammer, as your house will get structurally damaged.
  • Once the installation is done, you will be given an explanation as to how to use your new boiler.

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