Benefits of Colorbond Metal Roofing for Your Home In Australia

Are you interested in improving the efficiency of your home? Add a beautiful design and a striking new element to the construction of your new house in the form of a metal roof. Despite the cost being naturally higher than a tiled roof, metal roofing consists of a number of benefits. Lasting a life time, this maintenance free procedure of getting a metal roof ensures that your home stays safer. A metal roof is basically a versatile structure that compliments many architectural styles. We know Brisbane has a range of roofing options but metal roofing solutions have proven to be a popular choice for Australians for over 20 years.

What Do You Mean By Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing is a form of roofing where metallic fabrication is laid down to reduce energy costs and improve durability of the house. Available in countless range of colors, styles and textures this form of roofing tops standard tiles any day. Today many Brisbane homeowners have begun employing roofing contractors like Masterbuild Roofing for metal roofing for protecting the house against harsh weather conditions like snow, hail, wind, rain and harmful UV rays. The right style of metal roofing can enhance the outlook of the house and last for years. Metal can be an expensive installment however it faces lesser degree of disintegration. It is known to be lighter placing lesser amount of stress on the walls and ceiling.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is naturally resistant against fire that contracts and expands on application of heat. Metal will offer a solid insulation against heat waves, sleet, hail storm etc since it is made of stronger matter. Also unlike ceramic tiles that are heavy to install, steel roofing is an easier process that professional builders tend to consider. With tons of prints and colors available, you can easily choose a design that suits your liking.

It can easily compliment any kind of architectural style right from Victorian to contemporary. All you need is a craftsman who can furnish colored metal roofing since it can be coated with pigments or textures that resemble the smooth surface of wood or slate roofing. The arrangement of the metal roofing can be customized according to your choice of color and design.


Residential metal roofing is becoming a common trend that has become a necessity in the business of home improvement. Metal roofs allow homeowners to easily upgrade and improve quality of living conditions. Since it has a greater scale of lasting longer, metal roofing is highly energy efficient. They can also comprise of interlocking panels to increase wind resistance.

What is Colorbond?

Colorbond is one of the most reputable companies that fabricate roofing materials to enhance living conditions. Known to be working for over 45 years, it is Australia’s single roofing brand that manufactures advanced architectural roofing products. The company introduces Colorbond steel as an essential housing component which can withstand harsh climatic conditions and withstand continuous chipping and peeling of paint. It delivers long lasting durability with very low maintenance costs.

What are the features?

Colorbond steel is an anti-corrosive material known for its tough composition. Termite free, Colorbond metal roofing for your home is a sustainable choice captures light and energy with a residential warranty. Colorbond roofing consists of a range of colors starting from Basalt, Dune, Evening Haze, Shale Grey etc. Colors are available in both contemporary and classic styles.

For environments that are based in coastal or industrial regions, the roofing brand comes with Thermatech solar reflectance technology that optimizes solar energy. Introduced back in 2008, Thermatech is incorporated as a general feature to keep the house cool during summers and warm during winters. Hence it offers a comfortable ambience that doesn’t require continuous cooling. This is a safe means of potentially reducing electrical costs while choosing from a wide range of colors available.


If you’re looking for Colorbond roofing then the price range of corrugated steel is approximately between $17.5 – $18 while Colorbond Ultra used in the coastal areas costs around $36.50. High gloss powder is another material used with a rate of $21.00 however Cool Max is an affordable option that costs less. The overall fabricating of metal roofing depends upon whether you’re renovating the house or constructing a new roof. The ideal investment of Colorbond roofing materials can vary from $5000 – $15,000.


If you’re planning on installing a metal roof on your Brisbane home then ensure you obtain quotes from home improvement professionals. The popularity of Colorbond roofing materials have been increasing due to the incredible features present. Lighten your energy load and construct a house with a sustainable future using metal roofing.

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